How Nigeria international airport can be better: Comparing Nigerian airports to their Ghanaian counterparts. 

MM1, Nigeria airport

I flew to Ghana with Air peace, got to the airport on time, checked in my luggage and I was all ready to go. Air peace was on time which I loved so much. Nigeria to Ghana is 45mins by air. I was really wowed and amazed when I arrived at the Kotoka international airport in Ghana.

Going on a trip to Ghana can be underrated because most people feel it is “just Ghana”. But visiting Ghana as a Nigerian is very much needed; it’s a neighbouring country and it is also a developing country like Nigeria. But unlike Nigeria, a


The Untold Secret To An Unforgettable Visit To La Campagne Tropicana

La Campagne Tropicana

People have been talking about what an amazing place La Campagne Tropicana is, so here I am sharing my own experience after a visit to this beautiful resort and also informing you on what you should know before visiting the amazing La Campagne Tropicana.

La Campagne Tropicana is a beach resort located in Ikegun area, Ibeju Lekki. The well-maintained beach resort is a true reflection of Africa ’s beauty and culture. It has a Yoruba cultural fuss, which I find quite enthralling. All the staff were dressed in locally made African Attires, a great way of promoting  Nigeria’s culture.

La Campagne Tropicana is



Tarkwa bay Lagos


Tarkwa Bay beach is a small island located along the Atlantic coast. It is an artificial beach created during the construction of the Lagos Harbor. It’s one of the best public beaches in Lagos and it is assessable only with a cruise to the island. It is one of the popular and most talked about beach in Lagos.

It is located away from the busy and bustling Lagos making it quite relaxing and refreshing.
While cruising to the island on a boat, you get to see an amazing view


How to Set the right goals the smart way

smart goal setting

We should make plans—- counting on God to direct us Proverbs 16:9.
Some goals are never realized simply because they are not goals for the right reason or set in the right way.  Goal setting is to get clear about how to accomplish your long-term dream.  Goal setting allows you to have a clear sense of purpose and to clarify your intent. Some people dream of success; others wake up and work hard at it. It doesn’t matter what we know or have learnt. Execution is what matters most. If you want to succeed, you need to set Smart goals. Smart

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Lekki Daycation with Urban escape Nigeria

lekki daycation with urban escape

Urban escape Nigeria is a tourism and lifestyle brand aimed at connecting people to their dream destination through trips and tours. This Saturday, they had the Lekki escape 1.0 series which was a fun-filled daycation at Lekki phase 1. I had a great experience with urban escape on this trip series; Lekki escape. The package’s highlight was breakfast on the beach, yoga session, kayaking experience, Lekki tour, lunch at an urban restaurant, goody bag, networking and fun.

Highlights of the day!

Yoga on the beach:
We had 45 minutes of yoga which took place at elegushi beach. This was my first time doing


My visit to the hub of Wildlife Conservation in Lagos State; Lekki Conservation Center


I went to the Lekki Conservation Center for the very first time in June 2018, how exciting it was, memories of same would linger for a while. Lekki Conservation Center is one of the best nature reservation of forestry and wildlife in Nigeria. The park operates a natural ecosystem, the animals are not being fed or influenced.

The animals are left to survive on their own, the weak become prey to the vicious killers, you can call it the savage kingdom, of course, it is. You either kill or be killed, that’s survival in the wild and that is how the


Wandering In Lagos: Why You Really Need To Visit Epe Mangrove!.

lagos state: Epe Mangrove.

Here is a destination I have dreamt about exploring for a while now and also going on a canoe ride has always been on my bucket list, this is one of the reasons exploring Epe mangrove is a dream come true for me. I couldn’t resist after seeing so many great pictures and as a lover of adventure, this is one amazing place I couldn’t and I just couldn’t say no.

Epe mangrove is located at the rear end of Eti-Osa local government of Lagos state. The boat ride takes off from Ibeju-lekki which is a one-hour drive


Masterclass With John Boyega: the fundamental of Becoming a successful creative

masterclass by john boyega

Masterclass with John Boyega by Accelerate TV and Access Bank was one of the most insightful moments of my life. I fell in love immediately and I got home telling my parents I already found my husband.
For those of you who do not know John, He is a British Nigerian Hollywood actor. He acted a lot of movies including “Detroit,” “Half of a Yellow Sun,” ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, “Pacific Rim: Uprising” and Law and Order UK; which is one of my best series among others.
John Boyega is an intelligent young man with a spiritual sense which you can


Sunshine and lemons; why you should love this floral print palazzo and wrap top

Recently I’ve been overly obsessed with the colour yellow since I noticed it is one the best colours that compliment my skin colour.  I’m always enveloped in happiness when I see the colour yellow. It’s my third favourite colour and it makes dark skin look wonderful. If your melanin pop, you might want to wear more of the yellow colour; it’s a nice combination.
Sunshine and lemons

Yellow for me is love and sunshine; it’s the colour of hope, happiness, clarity and energy. Oh, the good old memories of drawing and painting the sun as a child; that’s why I love the colour

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Blogging and Working full time: I finally found the balance!!!

Blogging and Working: I finally found the balance

Hey; welcome back.
Blogging and working full time is no joke. I didn’t want to post anything till April because of how hectic my schedule has been but when you are passionate about something you just can’t stay away from it for long, an addiction eh, but a good one. And yes, YOU, my beautiful readers who have been looking forward to my posts, your constant messages of support and care even made the April mission more herculean, I just had to give in and come back as early as I could, oh yes I am here now and I know