Masterclass With John Boyega: the fundamental of Becoming a successful creative

masterclass by john boyega

Masterclass with John Boyega by Accelerate TV and Access Bank was one of the most insightful moments of my life. I fell in love immediately and I got home telling my parents I already found my husband.
For those of you who do not know John, He is a British Nigerian Hollywood actor. He acted a lot of movies including “Detroit,” “Half of a Yellow Sun,” ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi”, “Pacific Rim: Uprising” and Law and Order UK; which is one of my best series among others.
John Boyega is an intelligent young man with a spiritual sense which you can


Sunshine and lemons; why you should love this floral print palazzo and wrap top

Recently I’ve been overly obsessed with the colour yellow since I noticed it is one the best colours that compliment my skin colour.  I’m always enveloped in happiness when I see the colour yellow. It’s my third favourite colour and it makes dark skin look wonderful. If your melanin pop, you might want to wear more of the yellow colour; it’s a nice combination.
Sunshine and lemons

Yellow for me is love and sunshine; it’s the colour of hope, happiness, clarity and energy. Oh, the good old memories of drawing and painting the sun as a child; that’s why I love the colour

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Blogging and Working full time: I finally found the balance!!!

Blogging and Working: I finally found the balance

Hey; welcome back.
Blogging and working full time is no joke. I didn’t want to post anything till April because of how hectic my schedule has been but when you are passionate about something you just can’t stay away from it for long, an addiction eh, but a good one. And yes, YOU, my beautiful readers who have been looking forward to my posts, your constant messages of support and care even made the April mission more herculean, I just had to give in and come back as early as I could, oh yes I am here now and I know


TRAVELING MY ROAD; Finding Purpose.

Finding what makes you unique in life can be quite exhausting. I have tried and failed, my life feels so structured like I came to fit into something someone constructed.

Since childhood it has always being “Go to school – finish with good grades – get a good paying job – get married – have kids – get old and die in peace”. It is like I’m made to follow this pattern of life so that things can go well and be normal. But recently there has been this thirst for more. I am not overly interested in my name going


The green and white affair; Aso ebi series 2

Thank God it is Friday!!! my lovely people. I’m really excited because I haven’t gotten a proper sleep in forever and tomorrow is the day I’m finally going on a dating spree with my bed.
 But how has the week been and I hope we are all still working towards our 2018 resolutions or bucket lists as I previously suggested. A quick reminder: The secret to life is balance. The key to balance is planning, and always plan to execute. The grass doesn’t always have to be greener  and of course it is sometimes far from greener on the other side,


Aso Ebi series 1

Hello folks… I hope everybody is getting ready for the Christmas holiday? I am not feeling Christmas this year; the spirt is not yet upon me and ill probably be working throughout the festive period. I’ve been trying to look for activities or events to attend in Lagos, if you have any interesting one, please let me know.

This is the season of bright clothes and a lots of red, yellow and green will be all over our faces soon but this post is about this beautiful Ankara dress I wore to a wedding ceremony some weeks back. It is a


The Interview

I got an invitation for an interview for a job I had earlier applied for via a text message, it said interview was to take place 3 days from the day I received the invitation which happened to be a Wednesday. I was asked to come along with my original documents. Indeed it was going to be my first job interview ever; as I got all my previous employments via recommendation, never had it been this official.

As soon as I got back home from work, I went through all my documents, I checked my entire files to make sure the



This week was all about the slave trade going on in Libya and it’s so disheartening that such evil is still in existence. I watched the report on CCN and I was devastated at the high number of illegal immigrant who are ready to risk their lives just to get to Europe. A terrific trip through the desert in Niger, Algeria and Tunisia; then via the sea from Libya to Italy. All for odobo oyinbo, well who would blame them?

Many a Nigerian have given up on this country, a dwindling economy, the profligacy of our leaders and not to mention


Day optimization

Hey what’s up guys, I know I haven’t put up any post in a while; I’m so sorry about that, I haven’t had time and when I do I try to put it into other stuffs I’m into. I’m really sorry about that and I promise to start posting as much as I can. I have learnt how to use my time efficiently to accomplish all I intend on doing.  I think every person will have to learn how to successfully manage their time and focus their energy on the right things –to some extent – to avoid mental and



The federal ministry of health has advised Nigerians to avoid eating monkeys, bush-meats and dead animals to avoid the risk of contacting the monkey pox disease. Monkey pox disease has affected nothing less than 13 people  in Bayesla, including a medical doctor.
Monkey pox is caused by Monkey pox virus, which belongs to the orthopoxvirus group of viruses. Other orthopoxviruses that cause infections in humans include variola (smallpox), vaccinia (used for smallpox vaccine), and cowpox viruses. Monkey pox is a rare viral disease that occurs mainly in the rain forest countries of central and West Africa. The disease was first discovered