Highlights of my trip to Obudu

highlight of my trip to obudu

Obudu is popular for being one of the best resort destinations in Nigeria and after my visit, I couldn’t agree more! The place is a total package for adventure. Visiting Obudu Cattle Ranch has always been one of my dreams and finally, I can proudly cross that off my list!

Even though I’ve been dying to go, my visit was delayed till now because most travel deals I see to Obudu are always very expensive in my opinion and way higher than my budget. As soon as I was approached by Visit Nigeria Now to visit Obudu for way less, I

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Top 10 must see ATTRACTIONS in OBUDU.

attractions in obudu

Obudu is a Local Government Area located in the north of Cross River State, Nigeria. It is like every other community in Nigeria but the spectacular place in Obudu is the Obudu Cattle Ranch. Obudu Cattle Ranch is a range of mountains on the Obudu plateau. Obudu Cattle Ranch is a mountain community where people come to buy big, well-fed cows. It was formally just a cattle market until a German man thought it could be more. He wanted to provide a place to sleep for buyers that come into the community. So in 1950, he sent his proposal to



what to pack to obudu

When I visited Obudu, I packed wrong. I remember I was told to hold a thick cardigan but I took a sweatshirt. I thought I was going on every other vacation but Obudu cattle ranch is different. The mountain resort has a rather irregular weather.  With daytime temperatures in the 80s and nighttime temperatures in the 40s or 50s, it’s wise to consider the weather when choosing an activity. From hiking through Obudu’s mountains, to outside camping and movie nights, different times call for different ‘looks’.

There are different ranges of activities to engage in so knowing what to pack in


10 places you should visit on your next trip to Ghana.

Elmina Castle:

Elmina Castle

The Elmina Castle was constructed by the Portuguese between 1482 and 1486. The Castle holds the dark history of enslavement and torture. The Elmina Castle is surrounded with blue skies, sandy beaches, and tropical palms and it disguises a dark history.

Elmina Castle was the last place thousands of African slaves were sold and shipped overseas for a lifetime of horror. Many horrors transpired within the walls of the fortress, which have never been erased by time. Located some miles away from the Cape coast, Elmina Castle is a place all Africans need to visit to know the history

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Highlights of my trip to Enugu state.


Enugu is one state I have dreamt of visiting. I have met so many people that hail from the state or have schooled there.  Enugu city is the capital of Enugu State in Nigeria. It is located in southeastern Nigeria. The name Enugu is derived from the two Igbo words Énú Ụ́gwụ́ meaning “hilltop” denoting the city’s hilly geography. The city was named after Enugwu Ngwo, under which coal was found. Enugu state is known to be rich in Igbo culture; Enugu was the headquarters of the former East Central State and Eastern Nigeria. Enugu state also has diverse geography;


Exploring Enugu’s wonderland: Nike Lake resort

One hot afternoon in Enugu state, after a long hike, we set out to look for a natural pool to dive into. After making several inquiries from the locals, we were told Nike Lake is the perfect place for us. So, we set out to Nike town in Enugu.  On my way, I had different mental pictures of what the lake would look like and how I’m going to dip myself into it till evening. We got there and realized the lake is actually home to crocodiles but it was one of the highlights of my stay in Enugu.

About Nike

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Weekend at pop beach club: A getaway destination in Lagos

pop beach club

I was recently invited by the blogger’s advocate to spend a weekend and experience the pop lifestyle at the Pop beach club in Ilashe and Tarkwa bay. Although I have been to different private beach houses in ilashe, it was a great opportunity to have a little getaway from all the stress I’ve been going through of recent.

Prior to my visit, I had seen amazing pictures on Instagram about the pop beach and I’ve always wondered what it will be like to visit. It looked like an “I just come back” kind of place. Waking up to the stunning view


Exploring Enugu: Ngwo pine forest and cave waterfall

Ngwo pine forest and cave waterfall are collectively one of the major tourist attractions in Enugu state. The forest, being a farmland to the locals, gained tourist recognition because of the wide field of pine trees which offers a serene countryside view to the forest. Ngwo pine forest is also home to a massive limestone cave above which courses a small waterfall that empties as a shallow pool at the bed of the cave. It is better described as a canyon with a mini waterfall.

 Location Ngwo pine forest and cave waterfall
It is located close to Ngwo town, at the edge of


how to get an affordable cosy place to stay in Ghana

how to get an affordable place to stay in Ghana

Looking for where to stay on your next trip to Ghana? here are lovely tips that helped me get affordable, yet sophisticated places to stay on my last trip to Ghana.

Going to Ghana Solo especially for the first time can be super strenuous. Without proper information and enquires, you may likely go beyond your budget.

Accommodation in Ghana, especially in Accra is very expensive and everywhere seem like a good place to stay in Ghana but getting an affordable place to stay can be pretty herculean.
When planning my trip to Ghana, I was told the least hotel you can get in

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Wow!! See Ghana’s airport – Here is How Nigeria airports can be better

MM1, Nigeria airport

I flew to Ghana with Air peace, got to the airport on time, checked in my luggage and I was all ready to go. Air peace was on time which I loved so much. Nigeria to Ghana is 45mins by air. I was really wowed and amazed when I arrived at the Kotoka international airport in Ghana.

Going on a trip to Ghana can be underrated because most people feel it is “just Ghana”. But visiting Ghana as a Nigerian is very much needed; it’s a neighbouring country and it is also a developing country like Nigeria. But unlike Nigeria, a