5 Realistic Ways to Save Up For Your Next Trip

travel save plan

Saving to travel shouldn’t have to be made into something difficult to achieve. In fact, it can be quite the opposite. With the right financial plan, saving for a trip can become very exciting and more rewarding than you ever imagined.

Travelling is about putting yourself outside your comfort zone and creating memories that last a lifetime. Get out there and explore, you never know who you might meet and what opportunities you will encounter! It’s an opportunity to meet people from around the world and learn from them. It’s an opportunity to experience things you would never experience in your everyday life. And it’s an opportunity to explore and discover new places. I could go on and on!

However, with all these amazing opportunities and experiences that lie ahead, it’s important that you’re disciplined in setting up the right habits to achieve your travel savings goals

The five steps below describe how you can successfully save up for your next trip without breaking the bank. If you practice these simple tips, you’ll be on your way to your dream destination in no time!


Here’s how you can start saving money, keep saving money and then enjoy it all on that epic trip you’ve been dreaming of:

travel save plan

How to create a travel savings plan
  1. Figure out where you’re going and when:

    Before you even think about your savings, figure out where you want to go, when you want to go, where you want to stay, how you will get there and what you want to do while you’re there. Doing some research on the destination you would like to visit is the first step to have a clear saving plan for your trip.

    Deciding on where and when you want to travel will influence how long you need to save to travel. You have to figure if you’re going during the low or high seasons. You should know if you’re going to stay in a hotel, hostel or an apartment. Also importantly, know why you want to travel and the activities you intend on doing during the trip. You should research about the best time of year to visit a particular country and also know when the flights are at their cheapest. After you’ve done this, you can proceed to the next step.


    Pro tip: start planning early.

  2. Prepare a clear budget; don’t forget to add emergencies in the budget:

    The second step is to discover how much you need to save. After you’ve deceived where you want to go and when you plan to visit, the next step is to get a breakdown of how much you’ll need. So you carry out a research not just to know a rough estimate, but a well-estimated cost for the trip. If you need a visa, know how much the visa will cost including airfare, accommodations, food and activities. Just write down a clear cut budget for everything.

    You can also make plans with your favourite travel agency. Just make sure the price is not outrageous and overpriced for the destination you plan on visiting. Create an itinerary for your trip and know the total estimated cost for your trip. Knowing how much you need for your trip will determine how much you need to set aside in order for you to afford your dream trip. This will take us to our next step….

    Pro tip: always add emergency funds to your budget. Consider adding in a small cushion for unexpected expenses.

    travel save plan

  3. Have a dedicated saving plan and start a saving account:

    It’s important that you set up a dedicated saving account for your intended trip. This is a critical step. After you have the estimated cost of the trip, it’s now time to decide how you want to save. You have to determine how you can afford to save for your trip: daily, weekly or monthly?

    If you decide on a weekly plan, count how many weeks until you’d like to leave and divide your estimated cost by the time you need to save. This is the importance of knowing how much you need for your trip so you can know how much you need to set aside each week in order to be able to afford your dream trip conveniently.

    Have a separate account to put your savings into. The reason behind this is that if it is separate from your current account you’re less likely to spend out of it. Remember that saying, “Out of sight, out of mind”? That’s why saving applications like Cowrywise become necessary.

    Using a dedicated saving platform like Cowrywise helps you lock up your savings till the time for your trip. You won’t be tempted to spend the money and you get 10-15% interest on your savings.

    Pro tip: save first, spend the rest.

  4. Be disciplined and Set automatic transfer:

    After you’ve decided how often you want to save; and you have your dedicated account set up, it’s time to fill it up. The best and most effective way to start saving up is to set up an automatic transfer at a suitable interval that suits your income. Do you get paid weekly or monthly? Are you a business owner? Putting money aside according to when you’re paid is a top tip for setting a successful travel savings plan. It removes the temptation to spend your travel fund on other things.

    It’s a good idea to know how often you will be depositing money into your travel account for your trip. To stay disciplined and dedicated, set up Automatic Transfers.

    Pro tip: Give yourself at least 6+ months to save for your trip.

    travel save plan

  5. Repeat and be committed:

Remember the “be disciplined” part? My fifth and final step is to stick to the plan. Now you have where you want to go, you know when you’re going, you’ve figured out how much you’ll need, set up a saving plan and have started saving, now you want to repeat the process and travel as often as you can afford.  There are 193 countries on this planet. So broaden your horizon and don’t limit yourself, but start with where you can afford. Successfully saving for your dream trip shouldn’t be difficult, you need to be committed and be true to yourself.

To be realistic, you will have to cut down on stuff you don’t need. Consider depriving yourself of current fun as a future fun investment. Choosing to be committed to these steps, you’ve accepted that you might have a bit less money to spend on other things in the month!

Be true to yourself by having the right financial plan towards money.  We’d put all our money towards a view like this if we could!


Pro tip: you can start with someone; it makes both of you accountable to each other.



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Nowadays there are new technologies that can help you achieve this 5 step process above and make it even easier. If the preceding approach sounds like too many trips to the bank branch, you can do the whole thing online on one platform—and even make some extra cash from your savings. To that end, check out, where you choose a savings goal and plan when you set up your account, and they keep you in check until you reach the goal.


Imagine someone else doing all the stress for you.

Cowrywise helps you to understand how to spend your money and the financial discipline you need when planning your trip. It automates your savings and you earn up to 10-15% interest rate. so your money works for you as well. Once you have discovered how much you need on your trip, you can automatically start saving at a pace that suits you. The incentive for sticking to your savings plan; you get a monetary reward. When you reach your goal, you have several options on how to collect the money, including transfers back to your current banking account.

If you follow this suggested 5-step process, or use goals-based savings applications like Cowrywise, travelling the world will become extremely easy, fun and rewarding at the same time.

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Try these steps out, I will love to know the outcome.

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