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Blogging and Working full time: I finally found the balance!!!

Blogging and Working: I finally found the balance

Hey; welcome back.

Blogging and working full time is no joke. I didn’t want to post anything till April because of how hectic my schedule has been but when you are passionate about something you just can’t stay away from it for long, an addiction eh, but a good one. And yes, YOU, my beautiful readers who have been looking forward to my posts, your constant messages of support and care even made the April mission more herculean, I just had to give in and come back as early as I could, oh yes I am here now and I know you missed me as much as I missed you.

I started a new job in December, at first, it felt great and I was excited and enthusiastic. But that enthusiasm rapidly changed into exhaustion. Working 9hours (from 8 am-5 pm) including weekends, made blogging harder than I presumed. it is much more challenging because work is 2 hours away from home; without traffic. I don’t even want to go into details of how Lagos traffic can be; Sometimes, I spend up to 6 hours trying to get home and on a good day, 4 hours 30 min.

I have practically spent all my mental and physical energy trying to get a closer and secured place close to work that is quite affordable and serene. the opinions I’ve gotten has shown how impossible that is, considering the location of the hospital I work at.

I recently came across this insightful article by Debbrah maxwell on How to Balance Your Work Life and Blogging. She shared some basic tips which I will highlight below:

  • Have a Schedule

  • Make Use of the Tools Available

  • Use Your Shuttle Time

  • Use Your Break Periods

  • Always Have a Notebook / Notepad with you

The fifth tip is actually the most interesting for me and I will be making good use of it. I have finally learnt to adapt and I can’t wait to see how consistent I will become. The good thing is these tips do not only apply to bloggers. It generally applies to everybody with dual jobs who wants to find a balance especially when both jobs are equally tasking.

working full time and blogging

For instance,

You have an 8am-6pm job and run a personal business. You want to put your best into your job so your employers will be satisfied with your outcome at the same time you want to reach out to your clients daily and keep up with sales. Finding a balance is important so you won’t be thinking about how to get more customers while at work. Balance ensures every part is given the adequate attention needed so none suffers.

Balancing is so important in every area of our lives and it is important to always take our time to find how to always put it in place in our schedules. I love my job as a radiographer. I love to share my opinion about everything, I love to travel and share the world through my lens, I love to takes pictures of breathtaking outfits. The main reason for this platform is to be able to share my experiences, interests and lessons but coupled with an overwhelming job it has been a challenge. My career path will rather have me wearing scrubs, going to the hospital and taking internal pictures of the body. Therefore it was important I found the balance between these interests.

I am super excited and yes after reading that beautiful article my vigour has been renewed, I am finding that balance and none of my jobs will suffer at the expense of the other. Since I’ll be trying this new tips, I recommend we all read it (click here).

Thanks for reading guys

Kisses Mola




I’m a young girl that wants to see the world and experience it. I travel by myself and plan my trips on my own so I call myself a Do It Yourself (DIY) traveller. Love adventures and I always push myself with every new trip. I love to explore new places especially within my county, Nigeria; my ultimate goal is to visit the 36 states in Nigeria. Fun fact, I work from 8-5, weekends inclusive; so just like most people, I don’t have time to travel. I work in a hospital which even makes it more difficult for me but I’m committed to my goal and have disciplined myself to make sure I visit a new place at least once a month. read more on moldbymola.com/meet-mola-adewoye/



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Nice 1


Mayen Inyang

Great post Dammy. Thanks for sharing the tips. I am also facing the same challenge, working and network marketing. I’ll try the tips and I’m believing I’ll be able to strike a balance. Thanks



A lot of overwhelming responsibilities,school,business and work,at some point,1 would suffer* balancing it ain’t as easy as it sounds either,but I look forward to the new improvements using your tips! Thanks for sharing 💓💓


Adewoye Nancy

Great work



Wow super inspiring! Now you’ve found a balance I hope we should be expecting consistent posts from you! Good luck baby girl! All love from this end ❤️


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