Five most instagrammable places in Abuja, Nigeria

places in abuja
Sharing the 5 top instagrammable places in Abuja. This post is written put together by Sarah_Themeraki; all opinions are hers.

Abuja is full of instagrammable places. From stunning architecture to beautiful gardens and breathtaking views. Abuja is one of the most sophisticated cities in Nigeria and as the capital of Nigeria, it has become a home to a large number of interesting tourist sites. Abuja reflects the large amount of diversity that one can find in the nation. If you’re planning a trip there and you’re looking for how to step up your social media game, here’s a roundup of 5 most instagrammable places in Abuja; let‘s dive in.

Central Park Abuja

This is the perfect place to capture beautiful landscapes, lush greens and beautiful open spaces decorated with the highest regard for nature. This is your go-to place for breathtaking pictures in Abuja. Take a picture on the undulating grass beds and watch your comment section go over the top. With various activities in which guests and visitors can partake in and be entertained, this park has it all in all. Activities ranging from go-karting, paintballing and a well-stocked area for kids to play. There’s also a water park, a waterfall and a pond in the park. This place is definably a ‘photo-worthy place.

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Did it for the memories- totally worth it✌🏽 ———————————————————————- #📍: @centralparkabuja Abuja ——————————————————————— •Gate fee: N500 . What to do: . Go kart – Cost N5000 Paint balling – Cost N5000 . Restaurants inside the park . @tapasonthegreen •what I had: Tapas special drink – cost N2200 (it’s a fruity smoothie, comprising of watermelon, pineapple and some other fruits I couldn’t decipher) . . •What to do: Watch Tv, enjoy the Air conditioning in this mad heat😂, and have great conversations . •P.s- whatever you purchase at this restaurant , your N500 ticket fee will be deducted from the total bill, so cool right?😀 . . #📱of me : delectable @g.preye . . #whattodoinabuja #centralparkabuja #abujaplaces #abuja #girlonthemove #travelgirl #travelgram #travelnigeria #livingintentionally #livethelifeyoulove #prettyplaces #beautifuldestinations #beautifulplaces #green #naturegreen #outdoors #tstmkrsafrica #thinkafrica #anothernarrativeofafrica #nigeriatotheworld #theakubuestravel #blacktravelculture #naijagirlstraveltoo #forafricans #blacktravel #wegotoo #abujacity #bbctravels

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This park can be easily accessed. Central Park Abuja is located at Plot 174, Kur Mohammed Avenue Central Business District, Adjacent Kebbi hotel (Former GSM village).

Central Mosque Abuja

This is an architectural wonder. No matter the angles your pictures are taken, it will always be amazing. It’s impressive structure and gigantic will make you feel like a midget, but for Instagram, it is super perfect. will make for cute Instagram photos.
The Abuja National Mosque, also known as the Nigerian National Mosque of Nigeria. Abuja central mosque is open to all (Non-Muslims and Muslims) but it’s not opened to the public during congregational prayers. The mosque suits every Instagram aesthetics and has a lot of visually pleasing areas like Arabic calligraphy on its walls.

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An architectural wonder, if I do say so myself. ————————————————————— #📍: National Central Mosque, Abuja ————————————————————— More pictures on the way, Wait for it😀 ————————————————————— #📱: Yours truly #shotoniphone ————————————————————— . . . . #whatsupabuja #centralmosque #mosque #beautifulmosque #mosquephotography #whattodoinabuja #federalcapitalterritory #exploreabuja #thisisabuja #thisisnigeria #nigeriantourism #travelnigeria #travelgram #girlonthemove #blacktravel #iamatraveler #domestictraveler #tstmkrsafrica #thinkafrica #naijagirlstraveltoo #theconstantlycurious #neverstopexploring #livethelifeyoulove #cnnafricatravel #cnntravel #theakubuestravel

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The mosque is situated on Independence Avenue, across from the National Christian Centre.

Marrakech restaurant Abuja

What comes to mind when you hear Marrakech? You definitely think of the imperial city in Morocco! Marrakech restaurant in Abuja got its inspiration from the city of Marrakech. Just like the fascinating pictures of Marrakech you get to see on the gram, Marrakech restaurant is all of that and more. so if you want to get those aesthetically pleasing pictures of Marrakech in Abuja, you now know where to go. The most fascinating things about Marrakech restaurant is the Islamic Calligraphic designs, weird looking chandeliers, artistic lightings, colourful furniture. Marrakech Restaurant’s menu is the finest combination of Moroccan, Arabian and Turkish cuisines and it is also home to the freshest Arabian Coffee. It is a place to take pictures to beautify your Instagram feed.

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#myrestaurantreview #📍: @marrakechabuja, Wuse 2 Abuja ——————————————————————— @g.preye and I went restaurant hopping recently and #marrakechabuja was one of the places we visited. ——————- •My two cents: I was fascinated by this restaurant from the word go!. Upon entry, you are greeted by 1001% pure and unadulterated morrocan vibes, from the furnitures, the lightings, the smell of a combination of spices and incense, the cutleries, the music playing in the background and right down to the food. Like you can’t enter Marrakech and not think your are in Morocco. I think this was what the owners had in mind when they named this place Marrakech, well they killed it. Suffice to say, if you love baroque designs, colorful ceramic tile designs, Islamic calligraphy, burst of colors, Colored glass lightings, weird looking chandeliers, intricate carvings on furnitures, Spicy food, then Marrakech is your plug. @g.preye and I were served complimentary (free)Flavoured tea before the waiter took our orders (That part!😊), it was hot, sweet and smelt wonderful, we both agreed we could taste cinnamon and mint as part of the ingredients. Damage done •Marrakech chicken wings- Cost N1800 for 4 pieces ( it had pepper, garlic and a sweet peach sauce that gave it a sweet and sour taste that I loved. •Shrimp fried rice – Cost N2500 ( this was @g.preye Order) •Morrocan rice – Cost N2500 ( this was so tasty, peppery and delicious, it contained slices of chickpea, apricot and beef🤤🤤 I have to come back again for this particular food). . . . . #whattodoinabuja #abujaplaces #abujarestaurant #abujathroughmyeyes #thisisabuja #exploreabuja #abujatourguide #beautifulplaces #beautifuldestination #girlonthemove #foodtourism #travelnigeria #nigeriantourism #discoverabuja #fashionistatravels #domestictravel #restaurantreview #morrocanvibes #morrocanstyle #tstmkrsafrica #thinkafrica #shotoniphone #theakubuestravel #cnnafricatravels #naijagirlstraveltoo #abujafoodie #abujacity

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Marrakech Restaurant is located at No. 5 Bangui Street, Same building as POW restaurant, Wuse 2, Abuja

Usuma dam

With less than an hour drive from central Abuja, you’ll arrive at one of the most beautiful places in Nigeria. Usuma dam is a photographers dream. From its navy blue coloured lakes to tall mountains, and foggy atmosphere even on a sunny afternoon; you can never run out of quality pictures after visiting. This place is the Santorini of Nigeria. Pictures from the highest to the lowest point of the dam is the time of content your Instagram feed needs. In addition, you can even pose away in a boat on top of the coloured lakes. Read more about Usuma dam; the hidden gem in Abuja here.

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You start checking out restaurants and you get carried away by tasty foods and beautiful ambiences, almost forgetting for a moment just how beautiful nature truly is, you forget how beautiful Nigeria truly is. Story of my life😫 I am serving you Guys the best of everything Nigeria has to offer. —————————————————————— #📍: Usman Dam, Ushafa, Abuja (pronounced ‘Usuman’ Dam) On a need to Know Basis •it a man made dam • If you are visiting on a sunny day, you would need a face cap, sun screen and sunglasses and lots of Water •The dam is located at about the highest point of the territory and feeds the water treatment plants by gravity. •The dam is one of the major source of water supply and electricity to the federal capital Territory and residents of Ushafa town. • There is no tour guide on site. •The dam is surrounded by a vast lake. There are tall steep rocks, you may need to hike to get to the top of the rock for epic shots. • On a sunny day, the rocks get very hot, so hand/ hiking gloves will come in handy, and of course your hiking shoes too. • There is a security guy stationed outside that you may/may not tip in appreciation (it’s up to you🤷🏽‍♀️) • If you have a phobia for heights, please do not climb, if you must, please do not look down when climbing plix • Again don’t forget to bring Water and/or any other liquid on the climb up the mountain for hydration ——————————————————————— Activities to engage in: • Meditation/ Yoga 🧘‍♀️ (on a sunny day, the rocks will burn you black) • Picnic • Mountain Hiking • Swimming in the Lake • Epic Photography shoots ——————————————————— #📱of me : @1usualsuspect . . . #exploreabuja #whattodoinabuja #placestovisitabuja #abujatourism #travelabuja #federalcapitalterritory #Abuja #travelnigeria #usmandam #thisisnigeria #nigeriatourism #discovernigeria #naijagirlstraveltoo #nigeriatotheworld #domestictravel #livethelifeyoulove #neverstopexploring #naturephotography #girlonthemove #theconstantlycurious #tstmkrsafrica #thinkafrica #shotoniphone #theakubuestravel #blacktravel #wegotoo #yololttw #exploretocreate

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It is located in the Bwari LGA.

Cafe De Vie

This is a cafe that is home away from home. A beautiful cafe in a beautiful area. It is clean and scenic. It is so cosy and it makes you feel like you are in your own house. the furniture and decoration are extremely beautiful. The menu is decent and the food is equally delicious. This is the place to get comfortable and take amazing photos for your feeds while you enjoy the delicious desserts.it perfectly combines cute and classy to create an experience that will make the perfect Instagram shot.

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#📍: @cafe_de_vie, Amazon street, Maitama, Abuja —————————————————————- Cafe de Vie: The Cafe that feels like Home. true to its name, the minute you step inside this place you are embraced with the homely feeling, it’s so cozy, the kind of cozy that would make you forget it’s not your house and just pull off your wig or shoes. Oh my gosh, for a lover of books, this place is your plug, there are holes carved into the walls for a makeshift shelf containing all kinds of books. So while you eat, you can snuggle deep into the couch and read. Not forgetting the music in the background, it went from French to Sade Adu. As her voice serenaded me, I drank my cup of coffee and ate my brownies. This place is a stress reliever, the kind of place you just want to go alone and have some me time while reflecting and making decisions. I have been to a lot of restaurants over the past few days but none is as homely and welcoming as this place. My only mistake was not visiting their bathroom, I read somewhere it was amazing, well there will be a next time ———————————————————— •Damage done •Cafe de vie Signature Brownies topped with Vanilla ice cream – Cost N1300 (now the brownies were very nice, not too sugary and not too soft, but the ice cream on top tasted flat, I wish it had more vanilla flavor in it) •Coffee latte : Cost N1500 ( made with Expresso and steamed milk, with brown sugar packs on the side as an option, it tasted so good even in this hot weather) It was served with complimentary brown flat biscuits too. . . . . #whatsupabuja #abujarestaurant #abujaplaces #whattodoinabuja #restauranthopping #federalcapitalterritory #maitama #nigerianrestaurant #pulsenigeriafood #abujaeats #placestobe #beautifulambience #cafe #cafesinnigeria #travelnigeria #beautifuldestinations #beautifulplaces #thisisnigeria #foodtourism #tstmkrsafrica #forafricans #nigeriatotheworld #nigeriantourism #theakubuestravel #wegotoo #yololttw #abujafoodie #abujacity

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Cafe De Vie Restaurant is located at no.11 Adzope Crescent, Off Kumasi Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja
Now that you know my top 5 most instagrammable places in Abuja, I hope you check them out! What are some of your favourites spots in your own neighbourhood?

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