how to get an affordable cosy place to stay in Ghana

how to get an affordable place to stay in Ghana

Looking for where to stay on your next trip to Ghana? here are lovely tips that helped me get affordable, yet sophisticated places to stay on my last trip to Ghana.

Going to Ghana Solo especially for the first time can be super strenuous. Without proper information and enquires, you may likely go beyond your budget.

how to get an affordable cosy place to stay in Ghana

Raybow Hotel

how to get an affordable cosy place to stay in Ghana

Accommodation in Ghana, especially in Accra is very expensive and everywhere seem like a good place to stay in Ghana but getting an affordable place to stay can be pretty herculean.
When planning my trip to Ghana, I was told the least hotel you can get in Accra is $100. 00. per night and with my budget, I couldn’t afford to spend $700. 00. and more on just accommodation. With help, we were able to stay in Ghana for less and I’m sharing with you how I stayed in a place notorious for expensive accommodation for a quite modest fee and how it is possible.


Ask the Residents:

The most important way to get an affordable and cosy place to stay is to ask the inhabitants. If you don’t know anyone resident in Ghana, Quora is a good tool to use. Asking the locals saves you a lot of stress and money. Before getting to Ghana, reservation had been made for us in Takoradi. We got 30% off because of the person that made the reservations. The hotel was worth every penny. We stayed at the Raybow hotel at Takoradi.

where to stay in ghana

Raybow hotel

where to stay in Ghana

Raybow hotel

When I got to Accra, with the help of someone who lives there, we were able to get a hotel for $60. 00. per night. Which is contrary to what I was told when planning my trip to Ghana. we stayed at the SSNIT guest house in Accra central.  As popularly said, you can’t get a good hotel in Accra for less than $100.00. Well, I got a very comfortable and nice one for less than that and all I had to do was to ask.

The two hotels I earlier mentioned were recommended to me and they were absolutely worth it. The staffs were polite. they had a lot of tv channels; 5mnets movie channel, 3 Africa magic, 5 news channels and 4 carton channels. the rest were local channels. I really felt at home with the tv channels. Breakfast was definitely on the house (buffet at Raybow but off the menu at SSNIT guest house. they had strong Wi-Fi and my phone (which has a short Wi-Fi range) was able to connect well with it. The hotels were very neat and well maintained. Basic amenities like gym, spa, pools and play area were available. The pool area at the hotel at Takoradi (Raybow Hotel) was very relaxing. it had a beachside feel and look.

where to stay in Accra

SSNIT guest house

where to stay in Accra

Poolside at Raybow hotel

how to get an affordable cosy place to stay in Ghana

Raybow hotel

The hotel I stayed in Accra was 10 minutes away from the airport and it had free airport pick up and drop. It is located at central Accra and of course, it made accessibility to the other places I had planned visiting quite easy.

We usually underestimate the value of asking but its super helpful to use any active social media account to ask for affordable and cosy places to stay when planning your next trip.

how to get an affordable in Ghana Ghana affordable places

You want to stay in a rented apartment, try Airbnb:

when I was searching for a place to stay in Accra; I happen to see a lot of affordable places to stay on Airbnb. Airbnb is an online marketplace that allows people to rent out their properties or room space to guests. It’s a place to get affordable places when you travel. When using Airbnb, you can filter to add the amenities you will be needing on your trip. By asking, I was able to get a 20% discount code on Airbnb. This is a very good platform for travels on a budget. Don’t get carried away, make sure the location is easily accessible

how to get an affordable place in Ghana

Are you still insisting on staying in a hotel? is a good idea:

if you’re the ‘hotel type’, is a travel site for lodging reservations. It is advisable to make payment when checking in. and other related sites are best to view different hotels in the region you’re going and comparing the different prices and amenities.


 affordable place to stay in Ghana Ghana affordable hotels

So if you think you can’t get an affordable and luxurious place to stay in Ghana; think again.

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