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meet mola adewoye

Welcome to Mold by Mola Adewoye, I’m excited to have you on board. Tighten your seat belt as you go on my adventure roller coaster.

Meet Mola Adewoye

I’m a young girl that wants to see the world and experience it. I travel by myself and plan my trips on my own so I call myself a Do It Yourself (DIY) traveller. Love adventures and I always push myself with every new trip. I love to explore new places especially within my county Nigeria; my ultimate goal is to visit the 36 states in Nigeria.
Fun fact, I work from 8-5, weekends inclusive; so just like most people, I don’t have time to travel. I work in a hospital which even makes it more difficult for me but I’m committed to my goal and have disciplined myself to make sure I visit a new place at least once a month.

Travelling for me is life:

  •     It educates me; I always learn something new with every trip,
  •     it improves my health; both mental and physical; it refreshes my mind,  the walks and hikes  also strengthen my heart and body.
  •     It improves my social interaction: I’ve learnt to understand people better by mere knowledge of their culture and traditions. My confidence and communication skills have also improved.
  •     It innovates my mind: the more I travel, the more I’m able to think, see and learn possible solutions to problems in my community.
Let’s try it; are you confused about the next thing to do in your business or you are stuck with a problem at work, take a trip to a beach resort and spend the weekend there, you will definitely come back with magical testimonies.
I know most people think travelling is expensive which can be true especially if you’re a novice and also when you book with tour companies that overcharge. That’s why I make my plans myself and share the breakdown of my experience and expenses to help you plan yours. I want to encourage people to travel more for less.
I want to build a community of motivated people especially young folks that will push themselves, stop making excuses about travelling and see new places with the little they have.

let me show you around

On this platform, I will be sharing my travel experience both inbound and outbound. Every post will be a step to help you plan your next trip. I will share every detail of what you should know about your favourite destinations, different trips you can go for and tips that will help you get the best of every trip.
In each category,
  • States is a breakdown of every state in Nigeria with the amazing attractions they offer.
  • Travel tips show different tips and tricks you can use to get the best out of your travels.
  • Outbound takes you to places I’ve visited outside my country Nigeria.
  • Vlogs is connected to my YouTube channel where I share video content of beautiful destinations.
  • Others contain motivational and self-development post.
what can we offer you??
Travelling is a strong medicine especially for the mind and there’s always something new to learn when you leave your comfort zone and visit somewhere you’ve never been. As long as you’re here, you always find the will to travel more especially within Nigeria. I will help you create a budget-friendly deal and guide you all the step of the way. Don’t stress; let me plan an itinerary for you. « click here »

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