Wow!! See Ghana’s airport – Here is How Nigeria airports can be better

MM1, Nigeria airport

I flew to Ghana with Air peace, got to the airport on time, checked in my luggage and I was all ready to go. Air peace was on time which I loved so much. Nigeria to Ghana is 45mins by air. I was really wowed and amazed when I arrived at the Kotoka international airport in Ghana.
Going on a trip to Ghana can be underrated because most people feel it is “just Ghana”. But visiting Ghana as a Nigerian is very much needed; it’s a neighbouring country and it is also a developing country like Nigeria. But unlike Nigeria, a lot has changed since the last time I visited Ghana. It’s so sad Nigeria has been developing with nothing to show for it. But the  Ghanaian government, on the other hand, understands the real essences of what a developing country should be doing.
After my recent visit to Ghana from Nigeria, I have made this post to compare the two international airports in the two Africa countries and to show possible things Nigeria can improve on.
The Kotoka international airport,  Ghana

The Kotoka international airport

The major attractions are the Aesthetic, ambience and cleanliness.
There is a big difference between the appearance of the Kotoka international airport and the Murtala Muhammed international airport in Lagos, Nigeria both at the departure terminal and arrival terminal.  The Kotoka international airport,  Ghana was reconstructed in March 2016 and it is absolutely beautiful and worth it. It gives a perfect feel and it’s hard to believe you’re in a West African country.
The lighting is perfect and everywhere is a picture perfect location, unlike Murtala Muhammed international airport, where a re-modelling work was done in late 2014 and the only nice place you can take pictures is after check-in.
The Kotoka international airport,  Ghana

Departure at The Kotoka international airport,  Ghana


ghana airport

Kotoka international airport,  Ghana

Ghana airport

check-in counter at Kotoka international airport,  Ghana

The major attraction is art and layout. Kotoka international airport Ghana is well organized and beautifully put together. There is no post or bill on the walls.  it has a consistent green and white colour all through. It has a very nice design and creative artworks throughout. The lightings are appropriate, making the airport look very sophisticated and beautiful.
No effort is made to make Murtala Muhammed international airport, Nigeria look outstanding. No artwork or design. Everywhere is parked up and every space on the wall is used for adverts. This disorganization makes the lookout very displeasing to the eyes.
Murtala Muhammed international airport in Lagos, Nigeria
Everything there has a brand tag on it. it is either zenith bank or total, the brands’ logos were on everything. It is, of course, an indication that we are for sale in the country.


Kotoka international airport Ghana is very peaceful and quiet. The place is welcoming to not just the eyes but the soul too. Imagine arriving at a place and feeling so calm and at peace. After the baggage claim, there’s a big waiting area between the airport exit and the waiting area; that allows travellers and relative to sit and wait without stress. It’s very peaceful and there is no noise or people shouting in your ears like our dear Nigeria airport, a glorified marketplace I dare say. As every available space that should be used to enable the airport to be a peaceful haven has been given out for commercial purposes. After the baggage claim, there is a mini market, very noisy and exhausting. Even the baggage carousel was making this ticking noise; the headache I had was real.
The Kotoka international airport,  Ghana

baggage claim at The Kotoka international airport,  Ghana

Murtala Muhammed international airport, Lagos

baggage claim at Murtala Muhammed international airport, Lagos


Kotoka international airport Ghana looks very clean and feels clean. Clean white walls, clear tiles and well organized. Murtala Muhammed international airport looks chocked up. The cream walls are already looking dirty, the floor feels dirty and not taken care of.

Free internet:

free internet is very important when travelling to a new place; this is why it should be made compulsory in all airport so as to assist the travellers to get connected with their folks. Ghanaian government understands the benefits of a good internet service that is why they provided free wifi at the airport. The wifi is strong enough to connect to my phone (which has a short wifi range) but Nigeria is different, rather than providing good internet service, they gave out shop spaces to network providers. The only fast free internet I’ve seen is at the local airport and it is provided by Google [google workstation] and the speed reduces after one hour. Nigeria government should work on providing good working internet service at the airport, it’s a necessity.

The staffs:

I was shocked at the way a military officer in Ghana addressed us at the airport when we were obstructing the way for other travellers to pass. He was very polite and judging from where I’m from (Nigeria) uniform officers are only polite to you when they’re about to beg you for money. The immigration officers were very polite, friendly and well cultured. We have a “people problem” in Nigeria and the military and immigration officers should be trained to respect everybody.
The Kotoka international airport,  Ghana

Immigration at The Kotoka international airport,  Ghana

Nigeria airport

Immigration at Murtala Muhammed international airport, Lagos

The equipment:

Getting to the immigration in Kotoka international airport in Ghana, there were cameras and fingerprints machines to help in better identification. They have sophisticated newly built equipment; escalators are working fine, the baggage carousel wasn’t making any fun sound. Unlike Murtala Muhammed international Nigeria where the escalators don’t work, the immigration section has faulty pieces of equipment and the worse part was, there was water leakage from the roof. I can’t believe in 2018, people are still asked to pay for the luggage cart? These are basic airport needs and it should be easily provided by the government because it’s wrong to ask travellers to pay for some things.
The Kotoka international airport,  Ghana

baggage claim carousel at The Kotoka international airport,  Ghana

The Kotoka international airport,  Ghana

Immigration passopert cam at The Kotoka international airport,  Ghana

Murtala Muhammed international airport, Lagos

baggage carousel at Murtala Muhammed international airport, Lagos

Murtala Muhammed international airport, Lagos

faulty escalator at Murtala Muhammed international airport, Lagos

The good things Kotoka international airport and Murtala Muhammed international airport have in common: 

The restroom:

both airport’s restrooms are fine but Ghana was more convenient.
airports in Africa

Above is the restroom in Kotato international airport; below is the restroom in Murtala Muhammed international airport

The pickup bus and the carpark:

even if Nigeria airport carpark is built for a commercial purpose.
The Kotoka international airport,  Ghana

Waiting area at The Kotoka international airport,  Ghana

Murtala Muhammed international airport, Lagos

Waiting area at Murtala Muhammed international airport, Lagos

It’s so sad to see the giant of Africa doing so bad and been backwards. Murtala Muhammed international airport needs to be properly renovated and constructed. The airport Is not a marketplace, it shouldn’t be a commercial place and the government should try to give something free because we pay our taxes.  After arriving at Kotoka international airport, Ghana I am left questioning when they are also going to renovate Murtala Muhammed international airport, Lagos but I remember that even the newly built airport still has the ancient look but I am convinced we can do better.


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This is really eye opening. We have a long way to go in developing Nigeria. Nice write up darling👍🏾



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It’s sad that Nigeria is still at this level. Hopefully our leaders take a hint from this



Everything in Nigeria is rotten! We need strong hands! As a matter of fact, I have given up on Nigeria! This is not even surprising! Just As expected!


Samuel Onyedika Chukwujekwu

Wow… I loved every bit of this article. Detailed and spot on. Comparative analogy is also lit. Really, The Nigeria airport needs a face-lift badly. I pray this work finds its way to the eyes of those who can make this change we’ve long awaited. More grease Damola. Way to go!


Lekan Bankey

Waoo what a nice piece of comparison …………I feel corruption has eaten deep into the fabric of decency in our country ……….until it’s completely checked , including rule of law and practicing transparent governance ……then the fortunes of these great nation will be reinstalled



This is awesome. Our Federal Govt need to see this and make necessary adjustments



Nice post. It is so sad we have such a long way to go in this country.If only those in power could read this and actually do something to change things.


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