The Untold Secret To An Unforgettable Visit To La Campagne Tropicana

La Campagne Tropicana
People have been talking about what an amazing place La Campagne Tropicana is, so here I am sharing my own experience after a visit to this beautiful resort and also informing you on what you should know before visiting the amazing La Campagne Tropicana.
La Campagne Tropicana
La Campagne Tropicana is a beach resort located in Ikegun area, Ibeju Lekki. The well-maintained beach resort is a true reflection of Africa ’s beauty and culture. It has a Yoruba cultural fuss, which I find quite enthralling. All the staff were dressed in locally made African Attires, a great way of promoting  Nigeria’s culture.
La Campagne Tropicana is a very big resort; it sits on 60 acres of Land and of course, it is a perfect get away from the main lousy Lagos as it is located far away to keep its serenity.
La Campagne Tropicana is one of the most visited places in Nigeria. I was surprised to see how packed the place was when I got there. La Campagne Tropicana offers comfortable accommodation with 29 well-equipped chalets, luxury tents, a private swimming pool and the perfect beach for picnics. All the chalets and streets are named locally (mostly in Yoruba). The ‘SIMI’ chalet means rest. They also have the Kodi, Laba, Oso, Ilerigi, Obieze/ Anago, Ilerimi, Ilerigi.  Trust you can figure out the meaning yourself.
la campagne tropicana La Campagne Tropicana
La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort combines an African themed hospitality with modern luxury and it is said to be the best resort in Nigeria. They offer a range of facilities like:
  • boat cruise
  • jet ski
  • kayaking
  • swimming pool
  • beach soccer
  • water volleyball
  • snooker
  • horse riding
  • football
  • swings
  • basketball
  • bicycle ride
  • table tennis
la campagne tropicana La Campagne Tropicana
I had a wonderful experience at the resort but I’m going to break down my challenges into few points that will help you plan your trip better and they are:


I went to La Campagne Tropicana on a family beach picnic daycation. We left Ajah some minutes past 11 am, which was a very bad time because we got there by 3 pm. Yes, the distance is that long. When we arrived, we were already exhausted from the long road trip. On google map, La Campagne Tropicana is on the same axis with Ijebu Ode, Ogun state.
The first thing you should have in mind is that Ikegun is regionally in Ogun state. Don’t think you’re going to Ibeju or Epe axis, you’re going to Ijebu Ode. On our way, we had to call the resort twice to be sure we were still on the right track. The road is quite straightforward but the distance is long.

How to get to La Campagne Tropicana:

After you enter Ibeju Lekki town (that right off the Lekki-Epe expressway), go straight down until you reach the junction, then take your left, heading towards the Dangote refineries, you just have to be heading straight down the road until you reach the resort. You can as well follow the trunks until you reach the resort. You will definitely know when you get to the resort because the layout is beautiful and breathtaking.
The resort is another 20-30mins drive from the Dangote refineries. I suggested they get a helicopter that will help move people from Ibeju town to the resort.


Day-cation is a big NO

After we arrived, we were already tired from the long joinery. I wanted to go into a room and sleep but I couldn’t because I came on a day’s trip. La Campagne Tropicana is a beach resort that is best for a getaway. I will advise you to be prepared to stay/sleepover, that’s the only way you can enjoy this amazing place.
La Campagne Tropicana offers comfortable accommodation with 29 well-equipped chalets, luxury tents, and a private swimming pool. Each en-suite tent at the La Campagne Tropicana, Lagos overlooks the beach and comes designed with a private bathroom, a flat-screen television, a minibar, a fully-equipped kitchen, tea/coffee making facilities and a private balcony. The room rates start from 45,000 naira.
There are different chalets and rooms available, you can check the one that suits your budget more on their website (
la campagne tropicana La Campagne Tropicana
Enjoy the whole weekend at La Campagne Tropicana with your family but if you think of spending a day there, you will wish you had visited a nearby beach.

Go with Extra Money 

Before we went, I made enquires on their Instagram page and I was told the entry fee is 6k for adults, 4k for kids. The 6k fee gives access to all the land games including swimming and horseback riding. But there are optional water sports games which attract a 500naira per head ride charge. Upon arrival, we were told the entry fee was 5,000 naira for adults, 3,000 for teens and 1,500 for kids. BUT, an extra 1k is charged on everyone for corkage. I think this is highly ridiculous.
As for the land games, I didn’t see any!! I think all the courts were created for picture’s sake. It was when we were leaving I saw the horses were alive, they were locked up in their cages throughout our stay. The swimming pool was crowded so I didn’t even go anywhere near it. For the water sport, it was only the kayaking that was available.

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After we had paid and waited our turns at the kayak, a serviceman approached the livery around 5 pm, saying it was closed for the day and instructed that we be refunded. I was very angry because we had waited for our turn patiently. His reason was that it was already getting dark so they have to stop. We were so idle during our stay, my sister slept off.
la campagne tropicana la campagne tropicana
All the scenic luxuries displayed on social media that entices you to desire to visit the resort, were all on lockdown. I later figured they only allow these activities when some special people are around.
The jet ski cost us an additional 5k. I was forced to ask if the jet ski will take me back to my house because I couldn’t wrap my head around why it was that expensive.  Food is from 5,000 naira and its 7,500 for a buffet but we still couldn’t get what we wanted, like the ice cream my sister wanted wasn’t available.
La Campagne Tropicana
To enjoy your stay in La Campagne Tropicana, go with a lot of extra cash. You know that saying “money makes the world go around” well, for this beautiful resort, money is everything so make sure you don’t forget your debit cards at home.

Go with everything you will need

When you get to La Campagne Tropicana, you’re On YOUR OWN.  After we made payment at the reception, a car took us from the gate to the beach side which of course is a very nice idea because of how big the resort is. After we got to the beachside, we were just lost. Nobody came to welcome us or direct us. There was no form of the itinerary given to us about the establishment or activities we can do and where to find them.
Basically, we were on our own. We found somewhere to sit then we started taking pictures. There was no proper organization which also made me upset. So have it in mind when planning your trip to La Campagne Tropicana, you have to figure everything yourself. Go with your own entertainment, activities, games and swimwear. And unless you’re ready to spend a whole lot on food, I will advise you bring your own food and drinks. It will only cost you an extra 1,000 naira. Just remember, You’re On Your Own. Have it in mind that when heading back home, you’re walking back to the carpark from the beach side. The pickup with the car/ bus is a one-way ticket.

Go in groups 

La Campagne Tropicana is one of the worst places to go solo. Its perfect for couples – honeymoons, Val’s day, anniversary – it’s a wonderful place to spend time with your better half but it is the worse place to go only. If you want to enjoy visiting La Campagne Tropicana and you’re single, go with a tour group or with your friends. Make sure your squad is lit cos that is the only way you’ll make the best of your time there. We were lucky to have a birthday celebration going on at the time we went so we used their music to entertain ourselves.
la campagne tropicana La Campagne Tropicana


if you’re going with a professional camera, be ready to pay an extra 50k and it is a no drone area. Or best still hide your camera in your bag so they don’t get to question you.
Get your bikinis and shorts ready because La Campagne Tropicana is one of the places I will recommend for a perfect family getaway. The beauty of the scenery, the designs and surroundings, the maintenance, the cultural touch and palm trees will absolutely sweep you off your feet.
La Campagne Tropicana
La Campagne Tropicana is a place to be and it is really the best beach resort I have been to.



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Samuel Onyedika Chukwujekwu

This is awesome!! I love the way you painted a vivid imagery of the entire event… I could literally picture myself in one of those tents with the cool breeze against my skin… Wow! I must make a visit. Have to share with my friends first tho. Lol.



Fantastic.Nice place to relax. Thank you Damola


Biola Babington

Excellent insight! I visited last year, though it was scanty when I went and the games were readily available, sorry you couldn’t get to ride the horses. I agree it’s too small for a large crowd, and really far as well from everywhere. Lovely article!



Well balanced Mola. Thanks for the review. I went with my family and must say it’s quite scenic ; though, not a place to sleep over with very small kids. Except the chalets have been redesigned , the stair cases are precariously built. I do like the fact that it is kept clean.. but spending the night can get boring very quickly except you are there for peace and quiet. Thanks for the article !


Egundeyi Sunkanmi

But all in all na money be koko.



I can’t wait to visit this place o!!!! With my betterhalf 😂 everything sweet in group! Thanks for this perfect insight! Money! Will even keep closed games open! 😂



Well done Damola. It’s a valuable insight. Working on something about it. Thanks dear.


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