Exploring Enugu’s wonderland: Nike Lake resort

One hot afternoon in Enugu state, after a long hike, we set out to look for a natural pool to dive into. After making several inquiries from the locals, we were told Nike Lake is the perfect place for us. So, we set out to Nike town in Enugu.  On my way, I had different mental pictures of what the lake would look like and how I’m going to dip myself into it till evening. We got there and realized the lake is actually home to crocodiles but it was one of the highlights of my stay in Enugu.

About Nike Lake:

Nike Lake is popularly known as the wonderland of Enugu. When I got there, I couldn’t agree more with them. Nike Lake, unlike every other center of attraction in Enugu, has been fully developed by the Enugu state government. I must really applaud Enugu state government for that. The lake is named after the town it is situated in. Nike is a town in Enugu east local government. Nike Lake is inhabited by different animals but majorly crocodiles.  A resort was built to blend and enhance the beauty of the lake, making it so peaceful and a scenery hideaway for leisure seekers and making it a pleasurable home away from home. The resort is currently managed by the Enugu’s state government tourism board. 

Sitting area at the Nike Lake Resort

The resort’s unique features are the inviting natural ambience; it has a garden-like landscape nestled against the Nike Lake, which is one of the resort’s selling points. 

Location and how to get to Nike Lake Resort:

Nike Lake resort is situated on the banks of Nike Lake on Nike Lake Road, Abakpa Nike, Enugu state, Nigeria. The resort is about fifteen minutes’ drive from the airport and only ten minutes from the city centre. It is easy to locate as we didn’t have much issues locating the late. I went to the lake with some tourists and it was our first time in Enugu so we all didn’t know where we were going. We decided to take the bus to save cost but it only made the journey longer. Going to the lake, we took a bus from old pack to Abakpa and then took a keke (the local tricycle) to Nike Lake. The keke dropped us in front of the resort’s gate. However, on our way back, we chattered a keke straight to our hotels. This trip back to our destination cost us just 500 naira. So, it was way cheaper and better.

Access to the lake is completely free.

Facilities and Services at Nike Lake Resort

The resort has a number of 210 rooms ranging from {insert prices}.  The rooms and suites are all lavishly furnished with sophisticated fittings. There are big halls and an open field perfect for all kinds of parties and ceremonies. Nike Lake Resort is an ideal destination for weddings and outdoor events in Enugu. It has a restaurant that offers buffet, breakfast and dinner as well as a la carte menu. The restaurant has an inviting and serenading mood with a good view overlooking the lake. There is also a cozy bar/ lounge serving a range of cocktails, beverages, wide selection of wine and finger foods. The resort also has a gift shop, a spa for your massage therapy, well-equipped gymnasium, children’s splash pool, two tennis courts, volleyball court, basketball court and swimming pool. 

Activities at the Nike lake resort includes:

  • •    Boat ride
  • •    Swimming
  • •    Volleyball
  • •    Basketball
  • •    Tennis court
  • •    Sport fishing

Nike Lake Resort has a gorgeous picnic area with mini thatched gazebos with inbuilt block chairs and also has a sit out with an overview of the lake.  For those just visiting the Nike Lake, the picnic area is a perfect added attraction where you can relax, have drinks and eat without losing sight of the beautiful lake. The gazebos and all the buildings around the lake had graffiti paintings on them. The field around the walkway has lots of colourful statues with the resemblance of local masquerades. Sadly, there was no tour guide on ground to give us a history of the lake or what each statue symbolizes.

Overall experience:

Nike lake resort exceeded my expectations. It wasn’t what I imagined when going but it is an allure of nature’s beauty. The day we visited was the day it was being re-opened from its recent renovations. They were expecting the governor and very important people. The resort has been badly managed in the past; so there had to be a change of management by the Enugu state government. During our visit, a lot of activities weren’t functioning. We made our complaints to the manager and we indicated that a lot can be done with the lake (stop wasting our tourist attraction sites in Nigeria). He apologized and told us about the change in management and even insisted we come back in April 2019 to enjoy the recent changes made.

Luckily a friend of mine visited the lake later that month and was happy to report that lots of activities are now in place. She was able to go on the boat ride and she really enjoyed her stay at the resort. This made me really impressed because the manager was true to his words.

The scenery of the resort was exquisite. At the entrance, they had this beautiful parrot who took everyone’s attention. Nike lake resort is one location that should be explored for destination weddings. There are well-manicured gardens and beautifully decorated pathways.

They had the no camera policy too. When we were about going in, we were told cameras aren’t allowed in. At first, I was a bit confused as to how something will be managed by a tourism board and they won’t allow cameras. We explained to the security men that we are content creators and we need our camera. We also told them that it is really obsolete to still think cameras are big deals. Most phones cameras gave the same results as semiprofessional cameras and there are even professional settings on phones cameras. We were later allowed to go in with our cameras.

We didn’t end up swimming because it was 2,000 naira per person. Whyyyyyyyyy?? After we were told the price, I realized the sun wasn’t even that hot anymore.

UThe Nike Lake Resort was generally an amazing experience for me and I highly recommend everyone to check it out when in Enugu state. It is an ideal spot for leisure activities, picnicking, boat cruising and it is an ample relaxation spot to explore the beauty of nature. I promise you will find the serene resort everything you need to make your stay a memorable one.

Nike Lake Resort
The parrot at the entrance of Nike Lake Resort

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