This week was all about the slave trade going on in Libya and it’s so disheartening that such evil is still in existence. I watched the report on CCN and I was devastated at the high number of illegal immigrant who are ready to risk their lives just to get to Europe. A terrific trip through the desert in Niger, Algeria and Tunisia; then via the sea from Libya to Italy. All for odobo oyinbo, well who would blame them?

Many a Nigerian have given up on this country, a dwindling economy, the profligacy of our leaders and not to mention


Day optimization

Hey what’s up guys, I know I haven’t put up any post in a while; I’m so sorry about that, I haven’t had time and when I do I try to put it into other stuffs I’m into. I’m really sorry about that and I promise to start posting as much as I can. I have learnt how to use my time efficiently to accomplish all I intend on doing.  I think every person will have to learn how to successfully manage their time and focus their energy on the right things –to some extent – to avoid mental and



The federal ministry of health has advised Nigerians to avoid eating monkeys, bush-meats and dead animals to avoid the risk of contacting the monkey pox disease. Monkey pox disease has affected nothing less than 13 people  in Bayesla, including a medical doctor.
Monkey pox is caused by Monkey pox virus, which belongs to the orthopoxvirus group of viruses. Other orthopoxviruses that cause infections in humans include variola (smallpox), vaccinia (used for smallpox vaccine), and cowpox viruses. Monkey pox is a rare viral disease that occurs mainly in the rain forest countries of central and West Africa. The disease was first discovered


What’s the state of your mind?

I was delighted to have joined Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative (MANI- Lagos chapter) on their recent visit to Ikoyi prison last Saturday. It was a new experience for me, I’ve never been to a prison before. And yes it was worth it, owing to the great impact and the heart warming feeling of having touched a life positively. We engaged in discussions with the inmates on how the mind works and how they can channel their minds positively despite all they’ve being through. Contributions were also made for them.
Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative (MANI), a non-governmental organization founded by Victor Ugo


Making sacrifices

Hi guys, now let me tell you how I spent last saturday. You know I have been in the ‘owambe’ mood for quite a while now. – it’s been a while I attended an ‘owambe’ and yes I prefer weddings or burial ceremonies of very very old people ( the ones that have spent more than extra time in life) – finally my most anticipated wedding was upon me, oh how I had patiently waited for this. The wait was finally over I will be owambe-ing today. Ready, I was! And yes, Super excited! haha I had dressed up and


Kill the bite: Malaria

My sister Danny got a call recently about her course mate who passed away; I was totally petrified when I learnt she was killed by Malaria. The first thing I said was ‘so malaria still kills people in this 21st century’. Very sad but true. Malaria kills and it’s still killing; recently another student in Unizik was also killed by malaria. An estimate of one fifty thousand people die every year in Nigeria because of malaria and almost six hundred thousand people die in Africa yearly. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that about 3.2 billion people are at risk


Let’s just be friends

Hey guys! I will be posting a write up sent by an anonymous writer and the writer will love to know your thoughts on the issue. Please feel free to drop your comments and as usual I will be posting my Ankara friday pictures for you fashion lovers, Enjoy!. 

  Where have we gone wrong with friendship? What happened to the days where a boy and girl can just be friends without strings attached? Is the connection between a girl and a boy only about relationships?
All these questions got me thinking about the friends I have now. I have a friend who


Yolo (The Bradley’s Case)

Machine, grass or actor, whatever man is, his inevitable end is to wear, tear and exit and so did beloved Bradley. “My brave boy went with the angels today the 7th day of July 2017” said his mother, as she announced the gut wrenching departure of brave beloved Bradley from the realm of the living. I read about beloved Bradley months ago on a news website and I hoped and prayed he was going to win the battle against cancer but then we will never get to understand a whole lot of things.

How fleeting life could be! Oh, as expected


To Clean or to Cross? How to Erase Past Mistakes.

In 2015 I contested for miss charismatic Nigeria, I normally won’t have bothered going for a beauty pageant but I was compelled to do it out of pressure from most people I meet, telling me I ought to be a beauty queen due to my stature and shape.

At first, I wanted to go a particular pageant because it was a small and upcoming pageant. I told myself at least nobody would know if anything went wrong. My friend knew the previous winner and she assured me that the competition was a fair one. Shortly after, another friend told me about


The Genesis; How i achieved my goal



Hi guys!!! So I got this email asking me to talk more about taking a big leap, and yes! I have duly obliged.

which implemented blogging might be good for me, I started asking my immediate family, I told them my plans and asked them if it was practicable for me and my person. After so much assurance and support from my loved ones, I knew I could do it. Then I needed to understand what I was getting into; I did research on blogging, read extensively on it, watched some videos online, spoke with a few bloggers. After all, you