Party Guest series 2: it’s a green and white affair


Thank God it is Friday!!! my lovely people. I ’m excited because I haven’t gotten a proper sleep in forever and tomorrow is the day I’m finally going on a dating spree with my bed. well, I’m here for the second post of my party guest series.

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But how has the week been?. I hope we are all still working towards our 2018 resolutions or bucket lists as I previously suggested. A quick reminder: The secret to life is balance. The key to balance is planning and always plan to execute. The grass doesn’t always have to be greener and of course, it is sometimes far from greener on the other side, learn how to plant, cultivate, wet and take care of your field.

party guest series 2

Let me cheer you all up with this party guest outfit I’m going to feature on this party guest series 2. It is this lovely piece I wore for the traditional wedding of #Fine17. the material is aso ebi and it came in ankara. This style was perfect for the wedding occasion and the white cord lace really complimented the material.  I loved the way the Ankara Gele looked with the dress. It was my first time of tying one. I was so happy I was able to get the Hausa bridal look. I opted for silver accessories to pop the entire outfit more. It was a green and white affair and as a proud Nigerian, I was happy I wasn’t looking like the national flag.

After the wedding, I couldn’t wait to rock this dress again and I did; I still can’t wait to wear it again and again because the compliments were wonderful… hehe who doesn’t want to be complimented?

Well peeps, I hope this outfit brightens your day more than the fact that it is Friday. Comments are free, you can leave as much as you can.

Happy viewing and have a wonderful weekend.

Party Ankara Style

party guest seriesankara style 2
ankara style 3ankara style4
ankara style 5ankara style 6


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Nice post keep it up my wives must be updated oo lol


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Thank you Mola. This is lovely and nice. Keep bubbling.



Graceful and elegant.


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Beautifully made for you darling ❤️



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