5 Achievable Tips to a single and happy valentine’s day 

For some, the mere thought of valentine’s day activates panic mode.
Even if we try to pretend it’s no big deal, valentine’s day has a way of allowing us to focus more on our relationship status rather than showing love. Most of us find our single lives peaceful and enjoy same everyday  until the 14th day of  February each year. They will tell you, “eh, it’s just going to be like every normal day” but then we know that’s not true. I’ve been single long enough to know even when you decide you will go about your business and dealings on the 14th of February like every normal day, social media won’t let you. It’s now a competition of who gets the best gift, whose partner is the most loving and caring, bringing to bare the throes of being single. I even told myself I won’t view anybody’s story that day because, yes i would make sure it’s only the negatives i see in all posts, i will be an enemy of relationships for that day lol.
Romantic love is great, I crave for it but for some of us, there is nothing on the horizon now. You don’t want to spend all your time wishing you had someone to make you feel special or embark on a suicidal mission of stalking your ex. Try channeling that energy into something more exciting. You just cant live that negative way, you know what  I mean!!! Make way for the positive on the 14th. So if you want this week to fade away as fast as possible or you don’t want to feel lonely and alone, these amazing tips are for you.

Celebrate Galentine’s day.

Get together with single friends and spend quality time together. You can do dinner, movies or picnic, just  do something you all love. A great tip when choosing friends to hang out with on the 14th is to be on the same “single” page. If you’ve been single by choice for 2-3 years, it will be a disaster to go out with a friend that got heartbroken 2-3 months ago. Pick friends with similar relationship status and history so you all can talk about your mutual feelings in  “single-hood” and at the same time have fun.


Indulge in something you love.

This is another way of saying you should get busy until you are exhausted. If you find yourself busy doing something, you won’t have the time to dwell on the unnecessary. So read a book, go for a swim, take an online Seminar; make sure you get yourself involved with something you find joy and derive satisfaction in doing. You can take part in a Valentine’s day giveaway and spend all your time trying to win. Get involved until you’re so tired you can’t  help but hit the hay.
By the way, do you know sleeping is actually a great survival tool for ‘single-hood’?

Netflix, pizza and ice cream.

I don’t think anything whiles away time like movies. I can remember when I was trying to catch up with the game of thrones, I didn’t leave my bed for three days. Movies have this magical way of blurring out everybody else but make sure you have enough food in the house so you won’t get distracted. Order in some pizza and ice- cream with some chocolates. With this, having a wonderful valentine’s day is inevitable.

Do something for yourself.

Valentine’s day Is another day to prove your ‘self-love” and if you love yourself so much, you will do the extra to make yourself happy and special, by the way, you treat yourself the way you want others to treat you. Taking yourself out on that day might not be worth it and it is not advisable. instead, try to get an exotic spa voucher and flowers, make yourself a fancy dinner with scent candles and a nice wine, order a gift pack for yourself as anonymous and have it delivered to your office. Get yourself that thing you always wanted. Tips: make sure you take pictures for the gram, by that, you can show the world you’re single and happy.


Follow through.

A good way to also spend February 14 is to go with the flow of the day. Watch the champions league with the boys, go for ash Wednesday, reflect on your goals and resolution for the year, add to your knowledge base, read all my previous post. do everything you will do on a normal day if you’re strong enough to withstand the pressure.
Being single is one of the best moment you can have in life. You can reflect on yourself, expectations and it allows you to know exactly what you want. It’s a time to improve yourself and make  better decisions. So take out time and write a few relationship goals, you don’t need to wallow in self-pity or envy anyone, all you need is to make yourself happy every step of the way, away with the self pity and bitterness, away with the whinging orama. Wake up and live! Love yourself eh, and be happy with you. The one made for you will surely find you, oh yes! But until then… how the 14th of February each year would be will always be in your hands.

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Adewoye Nancy

Whao.! Thank you Damol for this beautiful tips on valentine . Greater height dear



Amazing post. I am super proud of u.


Newton Paul

Perfecto. Its high time someone tell them the truth. To me valentine is just like any day…and any day can be made Valentine.
Real matured folks dont freight or fear over the date cos its so gonna come and go.
Just go with the flow and enjoy your life with or without a lover.



@ Rukayat.. Proud of super Mola? Over proud of her in bro shaggi tone….



Even though it’s already Val’s day today but soon I would shoot my shot !!!


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