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How to Set the right goals the smart way

smart goal setting

We should make plans—- counting on God to direct us Proverbs 16:9.

Some goals are never realized simply because they are not goals for the right reason or set in the right way.  Goal setting is to get clear about how to accomplish your long-term dream.  Goal setting allows you to have a clear sense of purpose and to clarify your intent. Some people dream of success; others wake up and work hard at it. It doesn’t matter what we know or have learnt. Execution is what matters most. If you want to succeed, you need to set Smart goals. Smart goal setting is a process; what’s crucial is how meaningful and audacious goals are set the smart way for the right reasons.

smart goal setting smart goal setting

“Objectives and Key Results.”

The two key phrases of Smart goal setting are the objectives and the key results, and that they match purpose. The objective is the direction. The key results are the measured objectives achieved; in the end, you look and without any reservations  say, “Did I do that, or did I not do that?”


Objectives and Key Results are simple smart goal-setting system and they work for organizations, teams, and individuals. The objectives are what you want to have accomplished. The key results are how you go about getting it done.


Objectives and Key results are simply the “What?” and “how?”. Here’s why many of us are setting goals wrong, and most of us are not setting goals at all.

smart goal setting smart goal setting


 The what’s

When figuring out what to do and how to set these goals the right way, first, you must answer the question, “Why?”

Why? Because truly transformational people combine their ambitions with their passion and purpose,  they develop a clear and compelling sense of why.

Your personal “why” is the strong purpose that sparks and generates energy that you carry through tough times. what you want to do must have a compelling sense of “why” and this can be the Launchpad for your objectives. Your objectives can be gotten from:

  • Your deepest desire
  • The idea that never leaves
  • what will add value to humanity
  • What you feel most passionate about
  • What gives you the greatest fulfilment


Please note that every good objective is significant, concrete, action-oriented and inspiring.  They’re a kind of vaccine against fuzzy thinking.

smart goal settingsmart goal setting

The Hows

The moment we’ve covered “the what and why” of smart goal-setting. We will turn our attention to “the hows”. Remember, “the hows” are the key results. It is how you meet the objectives. In Smart goal setting, good key results are specific and time-bound. They’re aggressive but realistic. They’re measurable, and they’re verifiable.

“The hows” are specific steps to achieve your goals over a period of time. Each step must have a time bound to attain consistency.  That’s what makes key results measurable. It’s either you’ve done it or you haven’t. The key result of the smart go setting  must have the following six characteristics:


  • Clear performance maker
  • Appropriate for the specific goal
  • Largely within the individual control to achieve
  • A proper timeframe
  • Self-Imposed and structured by the individual
  • Achieved with high consistency

smart goal setting smart goal setting

Right goal setting the smart way.

Are you passionate? How passionate? What actions does your passion lead you to? If the heart doesn’t find a perfect rhyme with the head, then your passion means nothing. The Objectives and Key Results framework cultivates the madness, the chemistry contained inside it. Let’s take it as a kind of endorsement. We write down our objectives and key results, grade them and have them published for people to see.


This is used for a higher purpose, and to get a collective commitment to your goals. Carefully choose the right objective and then sticking to it year after year after year.

smart goal setting smart goal setting

Remember, the perfect way to set your goal is to be smart which is the acronym for:


  • s- specific
  • m- measurable
  • a- attainable
  • r-relevant
  • t- time bound


I want you to think about your life for a moment. Do you have the right metrics? Take time to write down your values, your objectives and your key results. Do it today.

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