Sunshine and lemons; why you should love this floral print palazzo and wrap top

Recently I’ve been overly obsessed with the colour yellow since I noticed it is one the best colours that compliment my skin colour.  I’m always enveloped in happiness when I see the colour yellow. It’s my third favourite colour and it makes dark skin look wonderful. If your melanin pop, you might want to wear more of the yellow colour; it’s a nice combination.

Sunshine and lemons

yellow floral palazzo trouser  yellow floral palazzo trouseryellow floral palazzo trouser

Yellow for me is love and sunshine; it’s the colour of hope, happiness, clarity and energy. Oh, the good old memories of drawing and painting the sun as a child; that’s why I love the colour so much.

Floral print palazzo and wrap top

yellow floral palazzo trouser yellow trouser
If you follow me on Instagram, you should have noticed how obsessed I have been with this particular outfit. If you don’t follow, please do so >>Instagram<<. Although I have already shared some of these pictures on Instagram,  I have also decided to dedicate a whole post to it.

You know how good it feels to have an outfit that does everything for you?
This is the perfect one. It gives a chic, classy, composed, professional and casual look. It’s appropriate for everywhere and everything. its gives the best confidences ever and it is
completely modest.

yellow trouserfloral print

The two-piece set is from Raccoboni, and it is called the flora. My favourite is the flower print pant. It gives my body the right compose that fits it.

yellow floral palazzo trouseryellow floral palazzo trouser

I hoped we all Enjoyed the pictures?

Kisses, Mola

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