TRAVELING MY ROAD; Finding Purpose.

Finding what makes you unique in life can be quite exhausting. I have tried and failed, my life feels so structured like I came to fit into something someone constructed.

Since childhood it has always being “Go to school – finish with good grades – get a good paying job – get married – have kids – get old and die in peace”. It is like I’m made to follow this pattern of life so that things can go well and be normal. But recently there has been this thirst for more. I am not overly interested in my name going down in history as this or that; What really is important to me is having a fulfilled life.

I started a self-examination last year as to How my life can make sense to me??? I said to me because, finding myself is the first most important thing to do.

I discovered I don’t have any special talent; I can’t sing and no voice trainer can change that but the inner diva comes out in the shower. My dance moves should be used in comedy shows. I can’t even stop laughing picturing myself dancing. Drawing feels too passive for me, I’m an active person and I only draw when I have to design. I don’t even take pictures because I’m also camera shy, so I crossed out being a model from my mind. On the bright side, I’m quite dramatic; so I can act but I’m super shy. I’m a big talkative but of what use is that when I’m super shy…#sighs. I went on and on but got nothing.

In my search, I was made to understand two basic principles.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why – mark twain

The first time I heard that quote I thought I was half fulfilled in life, At least I know the day I was born. But much later it wasn’t settling well with me. Why is the day I was given birth to so important? I don’t even know that day and of what impact is it?.
After so much pondering I got insight; it is the day I am REBORN that is important.
A rebirth allows you to live for something and sheds light on the path you ought to take. A rebirth is a very significant thing and most importantly is a personal thing. To me it was giving my life to God. For you it might be giving your life to something you believe in and love so much.

The first step in finding your path is to LIVE for what you believe in.

The problem with Mark twain’s second most important day is How to find out why?
The founder of KFC Colonel Sanders discovered the multi-million dollar company at age 60. More like he discovered his purpose at age 60. Something that has been staring at him all his life.. I know God’s time is the best, but how will you know God’s time without knowing God personally, walking with him and being intimate with him. You have to walk with God to Discover and fulfill your given purpose. That’s the only way to know when and be sure so we won’t make mistakes thinking we knew.

Travelling my own road is a personal hand in hand walk with God to fulfill his purpose for me on earth. Not my purpose but God’s purpose for me. We spend most of our time doing so many things without doing anything. It is never about being busy but being productive.
So rephrasing the above quote,

The two most important days in my life are the day I was reborn and the day I started my walk with God.

Having this knowledge has allowed me to be one step closer to fulfilling my purpose. It is a daily walk and I’m taking my time Can you share your experience finding purpose too?? Kindly leave a comment bellow and subscribe below to follow up on my next post. Travel with me so I can learn from you and vice versa. Thanks for reading, stay tuned.



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