Lekki Daycation with Urban escape Nigeria

lekki daycation with urban escape
Urban escape Nigeria is a tourism and lifestyle brand aimed at connecting people to their dream destination through trips and tours. This Saturday, they had the Lekki escape 1.0 series which was a fun-filled daycation at Lekki phase 1. I had a great experience with urban escape on this trip series; Lekki escape. The package’s highlight was breakfast on the beach, yoga session, kayaking experience, Lekki tour, lunch at an urban restaurant, goody bag, networking and fun.

Highlights of the day!

yoga on the beachurban escape yoga on the beach

Yoga on the beach:

We had 45 minutes of yoga which took place at elegushi beach. This was my first time doing real Yoga, I had only practised yoga in my room using a mobile app. After participating in this yoga activity, I didn’t only discover I had been doing rubbish with the mobile app, I also found out I wasn’t flexible at all.  Making each pose was quite difficult for me and It made me realise how much I need to register for yoga classes.
According to the yoga instructor, we had the best location for yoga which was the ocean. She explained that the natural waves sound from the ocean made better music than a sound system. Also, the ocean aids mental focus which is one of the key components of yoga.
Our instructor took us through different poses beginning with the first pose during yoga which is called the mountain pose.  This is also done after each pose as a relaxation section. It helps improve respiration, energy and vitality.
yoga on the beach yoga on the beach urban escape yoga on the beach
We did a lot of stretching poses which helps to increase flexibility, muscle strength and tone.
There were also poses that improved body balance.
Yoga also helps to reduce weight, maintaining a balanced metabolism and improves cardio and circulatory health.
yoga on the beach yoga on the beach yoga on the beach
We did more of the beginner’s yoga class during the Lekki urban escape but our instructor showed us some advanced level pose that made me believe there are people without bones in their bodies. It is really going to be a challenge for me and my flexibility threshold.
yoga on the beach yoga on the beach yoga on the beach

Breakfast on the beach:

lekki urban escape by lekki urban escape by
A nice, light breakfast was served immediately after the yoga class. Before the yoga class was over, I was very hungry.  We had crescent sausage rolls and puffy pastry sandwich with cold drinks. The breakfast was necessary wand with the lovely view of the sea, I couldn’t be more relaxed. Going to the beach on this Saturday morning made me realise the fact that I should be visiting more often. The sea, breeze, and view were alluring and amazing. The feeling got me craving for more.
lekki urban escape by lekki urban escape by lekki urban escape by lekki urban escape by

Networking with new people:

lekki urban escape by lekki urban escape by lekki urban escape by lekki urban escape by
After we had our breakfasts, we got to introduce ourselves. We talked about what we did, where we stayed, and our hobbies. We were all able to hit it up from there. We had exciting conversations and we were all able to get along. Getting to meet new people is one thing I love doing after travelling; this was a perfect opportunity to see the diversity in each of us. Everybody I met at the Lekki urban escape was Intelligent, friendly and down to earth.


kayaking at urban escape lekki urban escape by lekki urban escape by lekki urban escape by
Kayaking was done at the Abimbola’s place in Lekki Phase 1. Kayaking is an adventurous exercise in which a kayak is used to move around water. Kayaking proved to be actually harder than it looked. I expended a lot of energy at first but once I got accustomed to paddling the kayak, I could move it in the direction I wanted. I fell totally in love with it and I wanted to go again and again. Kayaking works on the muscles of the back, shoulders, arms, hand, abdomen, chest and the heart. So be prepared to feel a like pain when rowing. Trust me once you’re on the water, you will feel really relaxed and out of the world.
lekki urban escape by lekki urban escape by
This was the most exciting part of the trip for me because I got to do something adventurous. Kayaking is on my bucket list for this year and I’m happy I have finally crossed it out thanks to urban escape Nigeria.

Lunch at an urban restaurant:

food at urban escape lekki urban escape by lekki urban escape by

After exhausting our energy rowing, we headed for lunch at the place restaurant in Lekki phase1. We were given a food voucher to order whatever we wanted to eat. I had the special fried rice, fried plantain and crispy chicken with a bottle of coca cola. I later found out the special fried rice wasn’t so special after all.  No food is unfit for eating and really bad, all food is good food when you are hungry and exhausted.  We had more time to gist and network.
lekki urban escape by Lekki urban escape by

Gift pack souvenir:

We were given an urban escape goody bag. What I love most about the goody bag is the banding and my personal favourite item is the can of chocolate.
lekki urban escape by lekki urban escape by Urban escape lekki urban escape by
Lekki escape 1.0 series was a wonderful and a fun-filled experience. I can’t wait to go for upcoming trips from urban escape Nigeria. If you love this post, tell me in the comment section and escape with us next time.
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  • taken by Mcbarth Obeya
  • edited  by Mola Adewoye


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