Wandering In Lagos: Why You Really Need To Visit Epe Mangrove!.

lagos state: Epe Mangrove.

Here is a destination I have dreamt about exploring for a while now and also going on a canoe ride has always been on my bucket list, this is one of the reasons exploring Epe mangrove is a dream come true for me. I couldn’t resist after seeing so many great pictures and as a lover of adventure, this is one amazing place I couldn’t and I just couldn’t say no.

Epe, Lags state: epe mangrove Epe, Lags state: epe mangrove Epe, Lags state: epe mangrove Epe, Lags state: epe mangrove

Epe mangrove is located at the rear end of Eti-Osa local government of Lagos state. The boat ride takes off from Ibeju-lekki which is a one-hour drive from Ajah. It is a small rural town with the majority of their population dominated by fishermen. The boat ride was about 30 minutes and it goes all the way to Epe town.
Due to the amazing experience I had, I decided to share the reasons why you should also visit the beautiful Epe Mangrove and these reasons are:

Discover a new community:

Epe mangrove Epe, Lagos stateEpe, Lagos state Epe, lagos State

New and unfamiliar places challenge our brain in new and interesting ways. Knowing new culture, traditions, customs and protocols, and something that will naturally be at odds with what you’re used to. Lagos is a very big city but small geographically; the fun fact is as small as Lagos is, there are still so many incredible places most of us haven’t seen yet. On this trip, we were taken to a new village called “Iba”. The only way to get to the town is by boat. The roads are currently blocked but a bridge construction is currently underway. Discovering Ibeju town and Iba town for the first time was super exciting for me.

Learn a new history:

When it comes to history, there is much to explore, so much more to learn. There are ancestors to be discovered, mysteries to be unravelled, and stories to be written. There are many ways to learn history and this is an easy way to get to know amazing details about a new place, the past, the present and the future.

Epe, Lags state: epe mangrove Epe, Lags state: epe mangrove Epe, Lags state: epe mangrove Epe, Lags state: epe mangrove

Mr Mufu, our tour guide, told us everything we needed to know about the community. He told us about the water, how the Germans came to test it and discovered it’s good for drinking. The challenges they’ve faced over the years, how the deepness of the water changes depending on the season and time. How Lufthansa airlines came to build a school for the kids and all the renovations done. It was really an amazing and educative time knowing all this new information.

Try/learn something new:

Epe, Lags state: epe mangrove Epe, Lags state: epe mangrove Epe, Lags state: epe mangrove Epe, Lags state: epe mangrove

Whether we realize it or not, we spend the majority of our time and days doing the same things over and over, things we have already done hundreds or thousands of times before. If you really want to try some new things for the purpose of engaging a unique experience and adventure this is a good way to start. Don’t cheat yourself out of this world, you know that saying “YOLO” you just have this one life to live. Create that time, overcome that fear and stimulate your creativities. The beginning of this year, I wrote about trying something new and I’m excited I was able to do this one. I learnt how to row a boat, I learnt about the fisherman’s lifestyle and many more.

Behold the beauty of nature:

Spending time in nature gives a happier feeling, comfort and control. It’s in those moments you have time to reflect and think and realise ‘how beautiful’ and magical life is without the hardship. The view of the river, the trees, the beautiful flowers and plant gave a wonderful relief! Silent canyons, babbling creeks and growing green was an amazing view as we evolved around it. The mangrove is also a home to monkeys, alligators, swamp fishes, sea snails and a lot of other sea animals.

Epe, Lags state: epe mangrove Epe, Lags state: epe mangrove Epe, Lags state: epe mangrove Epe, Lags state: epe mangrove

Being in a Serene, calm and peaceful place in Lagos gave greater joy. I can’t believe I was in a place in Lagos for 3hours without shouting at anyone. The calmness of the lake gave me so much peace my mum even started a prayer crusade there. There is definitely something about nature that brings so much joy
Go on a canoe ride: “row, row, row, your boat, gently down the stream” that’s a line in a popular rhyme we sang as kids but how many of us can row a boat? Well, “I CAN”. During this trip, I learnt about how canoes are made and I actually paddled one. Canoe ride has always been on my wishlist and it was a great way to get it off.

What to wear:

Casual!! Playful clothing is advisable. I wore a two-piece top and short I designed myself and I used a beach hat I got from DMC as an accessory. Avoid anything tight and uncomfortable because you’ll be doing a lot of climbing. Any light clothing is advisable because of the sun. A top and jeans will do the magic. wear sandals or slippers: you won’t want the swamp to spoil your nice footwear. don’t forget to Use sunscreen cream or mosquito repellant if your skin is very sensitive

.Epe, Lags state: epe mangrove Epe, Lags state: epe mangrove

Where to stay:

Ibeju lekki is in a residential location if you stay in Lagos, there’s no need to book for any accommodation. Its 1 hour 30 minutes’ drive from lekki phase 1 and like 3hours from the mainland (depending on the traffic situation); so it’s okay to visit and leave on the same day.

Food and entertainment:

bring your food and drinks when coming. You can have a picnic and I also learnt you have some art and craft session like tie and dye but you have to bring your instructor. There is no place to get food and the only thing you might get is sachet water.

Epe, Lags state: epe mangrove Epe, Lags state: epe mangrove


the boat ride cost 3,500 but its negotiable for a group of people.

Epe, Lags state: epe mangrove Epe, Lags state: epe mangroveEpe, Lags state: epe mangrove Epe, Lags state: epe mangrove

If you’re planning a trip to Epe Mangrove, check this out first and don’t forget to share your experience with me after you’ve visited and feel free to leave a comment so I will be inspired to share more amazing locations with you.



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